88. Stephen Loh – Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn at ECW Hardcore Heaven 1999


In this week’s episode, the boys welcome writer and performer Stephen Loh (Dr. America, The CBS Diversity Showcase) to the show to discuss his favorite match of all time: the excellent ECW World Television Championship match between Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn at ECW Hardcore Heaven 1999. This also leads to a discussion about how Lynn seems to be fairly unacknowledged in the current WWE canon. Then, a look at Joey Style’s 2006 worked shoot “I Quit” promo from Raw, as well as discussions about the One Night Stand pay-per-views, TNN, tape trading, “WWECW” and Bill Alfonso’s whistle. Plus, Nick talks about how much fun he had at the movies watching the absurd ‘mother!’ and Stephen P. adeptly notices the match’s “proto-Flippy shit.”


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