85. Dan Black – John Cena vs AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2017


In this week’s episode, returning guest Dan Black (Comedians of Wrestling Podcast, Adam Ruins Everything) shows up in his best officially licensed Roman Reigns vest to talk all about John Cena and AJ Style’s highly praised WWE Championship match from the 2017 Royal Rumble. Also, everyone takes a look back at AJ Style’s phenomenal WWE debut one year before at the 2016 Rumble. Also, discussions about Reigns, The Miz’s rise to prominence, CM Punk, Hideo Itami and the GTS, Bray Wyatt’s spookiness, the word “jabroni”, if The Undertaker will come back and, of course, Dan’s endless quest to find the perfect male body. Plus, Nick shoots on the “Screamo” music scene in Western Pennsylvania while Stephen drinks out of a glass straw he actually paid money for.

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