81. Leroy Patterson Returns – Ultimate Warrior, Freakshow Wrestling, and the Debut of Ring Crew Guy


Leroy Patterson returns, and dives right in to the pile of thumbtacks that is Stephen’s opinions. First we watch Leroy’s wrestling debut, Leroy (RCG) vs Vic Grimes at XPW. Then we watch back to back clips of The Ultimate Warrior kicking ass, first demolishing The Honky Tonk Man, then totally no-selling The Pedigree. And, we finish the clips with a Giant Octopus attack from Leroy’s current wrestling outfit, Freakshow Wrestling. Plus, Leroy reveals the moment that wrestling became not real to him, Stephen finally gets to watch the “It’s Still Real To Me Damn It!” video, and Nick introduces a new character, Al Gore with An Inconvenient Tooth. And lastly Stephen wants you to love something on that is hated.


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