79. Ben Rodgers – Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee in a Scaffold Match at ECW High Incident 1996 + Crazy ECW Moments


In this week’s episode, Nick and Stephen welcome writer and actor Ben Rodgers (Workaholics, Action Boyz, Hollywood Masterclass) to the show to talk about ECW, with the main highlight being the absolutely bonkers Scaffold Match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee from ECW High Incident 1996. Plus, Stephen gets a sampling of other key crazy ECW moments including the infamous chair throwing incident and the night the ring collapsed. Also, Ben talks about spending time in the ECW arena and witnessing many of these insane moments in wrestling history live in person. And, on Ben’s recommendation, we watch Ted DiBiase kick a basketball out of a kids hands, and it’s nothing short of poetry. Also, Stephen pits Nick and Ben against each other in a game of Rocket League, the racing/soccer hybrid video game that Nick thinks sounds stupid, but then immediately enjoys.


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