76. Eric Moneypenny – The Flair/Murdoch/DiBiase Angle & Double Turn from Mid-South Wrestling (1985)


Nick and Stephen’s old pal Eric Moneypenny (The Eric Andre Show, The Midnight Show, AOK) joins as a guest to examine an all-time great angle from 1985 Mid-South Wrestling that culminated in the double turn of both Dick Murdoch and Ted DiBiase; a story that also weaved Ric Flair, Butch Reed, Dick Slater and many others into its crosshairs. Also, Eric talks about growing up in North Carolina and how the location afforded him access to so many different Federations’ television shows in the territory days. Then, Nick and Stephen set the record straight and make a very important announcement about the state of the show. Plus, everyone suddenly finds themselves in COMEDY SHOOT mode while talking about defunct sketch comedy group Dumbshit Mountain, being young, drama and much more!


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