75. Brian James O’Connell – The Rivalry between the Garvins and The Midnight Express


Brian James O’Connell (Bloodsucking Bastards, Dr. God, The Pack Theater) comes on the show to discuss the rivalry between the Garvins and The Midnight Express, A feud very near and dear to his heart that spanned over a number of years throughout many of the Southern wrestling territories. Then, everyone talks about the roles that nostalgia and mythology play in wrestling and how easy it may or may not be to become a fan of any current wrestling product versus the products of the past. Plus, Brian talks about his love of Magnum T.A., as well as Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, his father and growing up in the South. Also, Stephen decides to “take back” a certain term and Nick praises Italian composer Giorgio Moroder.


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