71. Joe Porter – The Undertaker’s Obsession with Stephanie McMahon!


In this week’s episode, the boys welcome Joseph Porter (Conan, Ugly Betty, Quick and Funny Musicals) to the show to talk all about The Undertaker’s obsession with Stephanie McMahon, and the insane segments that came out of it including instances of sacrifices, an over-the-top kidnapping, a dark wedding and more. Also, Joe reveals how he tried to go by “Seph” for a while, which leads to Stephen and Nick figuring out their own pretentious shortened nicknames. Then, Nick gets very fired up about McDonalds’ foolish decision to add chocolate, mocha and other accoutrements to the already flawless Shamrock Shake. Plus, Joe talks about the time his arch rival Joey Clift (who is still out on assignment) hit him with his car, which also leads to Vince Russo getting hit by a truck for the 150th time.


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