68. Ryan Stanger – ESPN Films’ “30 For 30 This Was the XFL”


In this week’s episode, the boys welcome Ryan Stanger (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Dumbbells podcast) to the show to discuss “30 For 30: This Was The XFL”, the recent ESPN films documentary that examines the failed football league created by WWE chairman Vince McMahon and legendary NBC TV exec Dick Ebersol that lasted for one season. All of the most fascinating bits from the XFL are covered – from the much-hyped commercials, WWF cross-promotion and personalized jerseys, to the increasingly uneventful games, often shuffled personnel and technical disasters that earned the league national criticism. Then, in addition to football, the boys also talk about health, Soylent, Gatorade, marketing/image, and, of course, wrestling. Plus, Joey talks about how eating any food makes him “logy”, a word which is puzzlingly quite new to both Nick and Stephen.


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