67. Robert Chan – Shoot Interviews: Wrestlers on Vince McMahon


This week, the boys welcome guest Robert Chan (Yahoo TV, The Science Jerks, Knowing Is Half The Podcast) to the show to give Stephen a look at “shoot” interviews, particularly ones featuring wrestlers airing their grievances about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. A number of wrestlers and wrestling personalities’ comments are examined as Bret Hart, CM Punk, Jim Cornette, Rob Van Dam, Torrie Wilson, Batista, Ryback and many more all weigh in, making for a fascinating discussion about the psyche of a rich workaholic who seems to never sleep. Also, Chan and Joey talk about their interest in e-Feds which leads Nick to conjure up the power of KFed (Kevin Federline) and his infamous “Brazilian ass shaker” PoPoZão.


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