63. Nadia Osman – Jack Gallagher vs. Akira Tozawa from the 2016 WWE Cruiserweight Classic


This week, the boys welcome comedian and writer Nadia Osman (UCB Theatre, The Devastator) to the show to talk all about the memorable and star-making battle between “The Extraordinary Gentleman” Jack Gallagher and “The Stamina Monster” Akira Tozawa from the 2016 WWE Cruiserweight Classic! Then, Nick and Joey give Stephen another taste of more Cruiserweight antics when they show him the “Gentlemen’s Duel” between Gallagher and his 205 Live nemesis Ariya Daivari. Also, everyone tries to tie Stephen up into a Pretzel Ball just like in the match, which leads to him getting very frustrated and going on a diatribe comparing the wrestlers to Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Plus, Nadia pitches a Spice Girls faction to WWE and Stephen contemplates just leaving the show completely.


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