51. Nick Mundy – Kevin Owens vs. John Cena at Elimination Chamber 2015


Rumble Week rolls on, and in this episode the boys welcome Nick Mundy (Screen Junkies, Conan, Adam Ruins Everything) to the show to talk all about the 2015 bout at WWE Elimination Chamber between the NXT Champion at the time Kevin Owens and the US Champion John Cena, particularly the shocking ending that ensued. Also, Mundy elaborates on being BFFs with the Rock, working for Chris Jericho, sings the praises of Bobby Roode’s “Glorious” theme song and declares that Stephen is definitely a secret wrestling fan no matter what he says to the contrary. Then, Joey and Nick question if they’re doing the show right and if their quest will ever truly be worth it. Plus, Stephen tries to get everyone to love his method of easing into sleep by thinking of it as a “shutdown sequence”.


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