Winter Madness (w/ Jonathan Bacon-Liu, Kevin Flessing, & Ron Coleman)

Talk 30 (Rock) To Me
Today we have sound problems! We had some major technical/microphone difficulties this week, so the sound quality is similar to that of an old school “Speak and Spell”. But, if you bear with us, you’ll hear a delightful conversation with the hosts of “All the Time We Have” (Jonathan Bacon-Liu, Kevin Flessing, and Rob Coleman) as we talk all about “Winter Madness” (S4E11). We’ll talk about Tracy really getting into America’s history, Jenna learning some German words, and we try to keep the Boston accents to a minimum. Make sure to subscribe and listen to “All the Time We Have”! We promise next week’s sound quality will be back to normal!
Episode: “Winter Madness” //Season 4, Episode 11
Guest: Jonathan Bacon-Liu, Kevin Flessing, Ron Colemand from “All the Time We Have” (@allthetimepod)30