LIVE from Comic Con Palm Springs (East Coast) (w/ Alex P. Keaton is My Friend)

Talk 30 (Rock) To Me
This is a super special crossover episode with the Family Ties podcast, “Alex P. Keaton is My Friend”. Listen as we talk all about Season 2, Episode 1 of Family Ties (“Tender is the Knight”) with Phil Vecchio and then we jump into a discussion all about 30 Rock’s first LIVE episode from Season 5, Episode 4, “Live Show (East Coast)”. Make sure to subscribe and follow “Alex P Keaton is My Friend” (@familytiespod)!
**There are a few 30 Rock spoilers in this episode since we jump ahead a few seasons, just a warning! We’ll be back with Season 3, Episode 17 next week!**
LIVE Show at Comic Con Palm Springs
Episode: Season 2, Episode 1, “Tender is the Knight”, from Family Ties // Season 5, Episode 4, “Live Show”, from 30 Rock
Guest: Phil Vecchio