#70: The Moms (w/ our moms)

Talk 30 (Rock) To Me
Because timing is everything.. in the week leading up to Mother’s Day we get to talk about “The Moms” (S4E19) with OUR moms! That’s right, today we have Carrie and Kerri (yes, our moms our moms have the same name for all intents and purposes) here to talk about our favorite TV show (which is not their favorite TV show). We talk how broken Jenna is, how oddly supportive Colleen is, and our moms dole out some great advice when it comes to being moms and on settling vs having standards. Thank you, mom(s)! We love you!
Episode: “The Moms” // Season 4, Episode 20
Guest: Kimmie’s mom, Carrie & Kelsey’s mom, Kerri