#54: The Problem Solvers (w/ Elizabeth Nordenholt & Kristen Bennett)

Talk 30 (Rock) To Me
This week, Kimmie and Kelsey get to share the studio (aka Kimmie’s living room) with the two incredibly funny ladies from the podcast “Your Fave is Problematic” (@podcastFVIP): Elizabeth Nordenholt (@theloveliestliz) and Kristen Bennett (@anniewokely)! Listen as we discuss Jenna & Tracy trying to be selfless, Kenneth trying to make a new friend, and Liz looks beyond Jack for advice on her TV show.
Episode: Season 4, Episode 5 // “The Problem Solvers”
Guests: Elizabeth Nordenholt (@theloveliestliz) & Kristen Bennett (@anniewokely) from “Your Fave is Problematic” (@podcastYFIP)