#47: Mamma Mia (w/ Jacquis Neal, Carl Tart, and Edgar Momplaisir)

Talk 30 (Rock) To Me
If you think that Kimmie and Kelsey laugh a lot during a normal episode, you haven’t heard nothing yet! This week we are joined by the three hilarious gentlemen from Against the Grain (@atgrainpodcast): Jacquis Neal (@jacquisneal), Carl Tart (@dammitcarl), and Edgar Momplaisir (@edgarmomplaisir). We invited them on to talk all about “Mamma Mia” (S3E21) of 30 Rock, even though none of them have actually seen the musical “Mamma Mia”. Please note: During this episode, many termites were destroyed.
Episode: “Mamma Mia” // Season 3, Episode 21
Jacquis Neal (@jacquisneal)
Carl Tart (@dammitcarl)
Edgar Momplaisir (@edgarmomplaisir)