“Thick Thumbs and Fake Leonardo DiCaprio.” with Steph Barkley

In this week’s episode of COSMOS AND THE CITY: THE SEX AND THE CITY PODCAST, your host Megan McIver will sit down with the stupendous Steph Barkley. Together these two will discuss Season Two, Episode Five of SEX AND THE CITY entitled: “Four Women and a Funeral”.
From Samantha’s trying to seduce a married man, Miranda’s apartment shopping while facing her mortality, Charlotte falling for a widower, and Carrie giving things with Mr. Big a second chance, there’s quite a lot to discuss.We’ll also be going over all your favorite segments: Hottie of the Week, Pun of the Week, Good Big Bad Big, Who Wore What Why?, and finally You’re Such a _________.
Will Samantha’s actions have consequences to her social life? Will Miranda’s cat eat her face off? Will Charlotte become wife number two? And will Carrie and Mr. Big be brought back to life? Through all the madness Megan and Joy will share their thoughts on ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY EVERYTHING
EPISODE SYNOPSIS: “Carrie and Charlotte reproach Samantha for wearing bright clothes to designer Javier’s funeral, but it turns out their black clothing sticks out instead. Having solicited clients for her PR business there, Samantha jumps the bones of the ‘right’ man, but when his all-too-influential wife walks in on them, her vital social acceptability is endangered. Charlotte meets hunky young widower Ned and enjoys helping him overcome his grieving in bed, until she discovers she isn’t the only one. Miranda’s pride when she buys her first apartment is short-lived, as the paperwork seems to stigmatize her “single woman” status. Carrie calls Big again after six months and finds out just going bowling revives their relationship completely.”
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