“Lazy Ovaries, Deuces and Dan Futterman” with Frank Cappello

In this week’s episode of COSMOS AND THE CITY: THE SEX AND THE CITY PODCAST, your host Megan McIver will sit down with the hilarious Frank Cappello. Together these two will discuss Season Two, Episode Eleven of SEX AND THE CITY entitled: “Evolution”
This week Megan & Frank will be sorting through: Samantha revenge plot against with her former love, Miranda coping with her lazy ovary, Charlotte being unsure of her friend’s (and maybe more than friend’s) sexual preference , and Carrie trying to leave a few things at Big’s place……
Plus we’ll have all your favorite segments: Hottie of the Week, Pun of the Week, Good Big Bad Big, Who Wore What Why?, and finally You’re Such a _________.
Will Samantha exact her revenge? Will Miranda’s ovary rise to the occasion? Will Charlotte find the answer’s she’s looking for? And will Carrie get a draw to her own (seriously this is getting pretty silly)? Through all the madness Megan and Frank will share their thoughts on ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY EVERYTHING
EPISODE SYNOPSIS: “The girls worry about long-term change. Miranda hears from her gynecologist that one of her ovaries is ‘lazy’, and worries therefore is she can still take her time being picky with men before going for motherhood. Charlotte hits on well with charming pastry chef Stephan, but consults the girls and guy friend Stanford if he is gay, or at least ‘half’. Carrie worries if Big is serious about them since he seems too ‘territorial’ to allow any of her stuff permanently in his apartment. When Samantha sees publisher Dominic, the one man who broke her heart for a model, she decides to turn tables on him, but can she really dump him ‘like a man’ after great sex?”
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