60. Alex Hoffman – “Exposed! Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Secrets” (1998)


This week, the boys welcome guest Alex Hoffman (Dreamworks Animation) to the show to discuss the 1998 NBC television special “Exposed! Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Secrets”, a program which sought to reveal all the behind-the-scenes details of the business. Everyone mocks the “Trash TV” tone of the show quite and bit and suddenly no one can stop talking narrator Nick Bakay’s “EXPOSED!” voice. Plus, Joey and Nick dissect why the show’s condescending tone and sometimes flat out falsities are completely unfair to both fans, wrestlers and bookers alike, and are curious to see whether Stephen will actually take the side of the show or not. #ConJob

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Our Guest: Alex Hoffman

  • @AlexLHoffman on Twitter
  • Also you can hear Joey work hard to get a plug in for something he wrote in this episode. So check that out.

What We Watched

EXPOSED: Pro Wrestling Secrets Revealed