34. Joan Ford – The Donald Trump WWE Retrospective


With the 2016 Presidential election/Apocalypse right around the corner, the boys welcome Joan Ford (UCB Theatre, Cracked, “Killing It: The Action Girl’s Guide to Saving the World”) back to the show to take a hard, retrospective look at Donald Trump’s “run” in WWE. From giving away millions of dollars and treating women terribly on national TV, to his WrestleMania Hair vs. Hair stipulated match and being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, these events serve as just another strange chapter in the life of a man who could become the leader of the free world. Also, the public finally has their prayers answered and gets to experience four comedians in one room doing Trump impressions all at once. Then, because Nick is in that room, the Denny’s “Hooburrito” naturally comes up while Joey continues to defend his position of “knowing everything about old school hip-hop.” Plus, Stephen fittingly tries to get everyone to love “The Voter App.”

This episode was written up by The AV Club written by Randall Colburn

There’s a few things that separate You Should Love Wrestlingfrom the glut of retrospective wrestling podcasts on iTunes. One is co-host Stephen Perlstein, who hates wrestling and offers the perspective of someone whose eyes aren’t rose-tinted with nostalgia. His cohorts Joey Clift and Nick Gligor build every episode around matches, storylines, or characters they think might convert him. These aren’t simple recaps, however, nor do they devolve into endless bits (though the gang is quite funny). You Should Love Wrestling varies the structure of its episodes, some of which focus on the minutiae of a single match, while others take a macro look at a particular aspect of the business. This latest episode is a great example of the latter, with comedian Joan Ford joining the central trio for a look back on Donald Trump’s myriad associations with the WWE. What they find is fascinating; there’s been numerous articles pointing out how Trump’s persona isn’t unlike that of a sports entertainer, but in looking at the individual segments, this episode finds clear corollaries between his WWE storylines and his mode of politics. As he has in this election, WWE’s version of Trump posited himself as “the good billionaire” vs. “the bad one” that is WWE head honcho Vince McMahon. More revelations follow, resulting in a smart, funny, and decidedly unconventional look at the GOP candidate as the election draws closer.

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