31. YSLW LIVE! II – 10/8/16 at The Pack Theater: Braun Strowman Squash Matches with Rachel Evans, Shane Hartline & Cameron Rice


It’s the second LIVE edition of You Should Love Wrestling, emanating once again from the Pack Theater in Los Angeles! This month, Joey and Nick decided to show Stephen WWE Raw’s recent string of Braun Strowman Squash Matches by enlisting the help of Rachel Evans (AfterBuzz TV, CreepShow Comedy, Snarled), Shane Hartline (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rock of Ages) and Cameron Rice (Geek & Sundry, Tiny Muscles). And since no discussion about Strowman these days is complete without mentioning the “man with two hands” James Ellsworth, everyone makes sure to heap on loads of praise for this chinless hero. Plus, discussions about what the return of squash matches means for independent and local talent, how not owning character names affects both NXT and the main roster, ways to utilize current superstars properly instead of jobbing them out and much, much more!


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