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This week, the boys are honored to welcome to the show current Lucha Underground star and three time WWE Tag Team Champion (a title he once held for a record-setting 331 days alongside partner Brian Kendrick), the rakishly handsome Paul London! Paul sits down for a very open, intimate conversation to talk all about his time coming up in the wrestling business, as well as acting, struggles, success, injuries and more, plus 3D Maya files and whatever “worming” is. Then, everyone tries to break down the classic Bret Hart vs Owen Hart match from WrestleMania X and a clip from the Roger Corman produced B-movie “Deathstalker 2”. Also, Nick does an impression of a Deathstalker character, while Joey does the same impression but accidentally makes everyone uncomfortable. And, Stephen tries to get everyone to like TSA Pre-Check. # GligorsGorvers


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28. Paul London – Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart from WrestleMania X

Our Guest: Paul London

What We Watched

WWF Wrestlemania X – Owen Hart Vs. Bret Hart

  • Nick – 5
  • Joey – 5
  • Paul – 5
  • Stephen – 1.5

Queen Kong vs Deathstalker from DEATHSTALKER 2

  • Nick – 5
  • Joey – 3
  • Paul – 4
  • Stephen – 2.5

Stephen Want You To Love