27. Matthew Brian Cohen – Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima from Ring of Honor Manhattan Mayhem II (8.25.07)


This week, the boys welcome Matthew Brian Cohen (Lifescrapers: Tall Stories of American Lives, Cool Shit/Weird Shit at UCB) to the show to discuss a match that he saw in person: the 2007 Ring of Honor Manhattan Mayhem II bout that pitted Bryan Danielson against Takeshi Morishima in what many called the Match of the Year. Then, the conversation gets heated when Joey and Nick show Stephen the clip where Vader’s eye pops out of its socket during a match with Stan Hansen – a thing that Stephen absolutely refuses to believe happened. Also, everyone sings Daniel Bryan’s praises and reflects on how over he and the “Yes!” chant were (and still are) in WWE. Plus, Stephen tries to get everyone to like Poke from LA’s Ohana Poke.

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What We Watched

Our Guest: Matthew Brian Cohen

What We Discussed

Big Van Vader vs Stan Hansen

Stan Hansen’s Comments on Vader’s Eye: “I really couldn’t see. I saw him pull the mask off and grab his eye and I heard him say something. I didn’t know what it was, so I just looked and went on with it. I couldn’t see his eyeball, I didn’t know if his eyeball came out or it just messed up, I’m not sure what it is. People say it came out and he pushed it back in, I don’t know because I couldn’t see.”

Vader On the Situation: He got back in the corner, and I was looking for the right and forgot he was a leftie – he went ‘wham, wham,’ and about the third one, my eye literally came out of the socket, hanging out. The sucker popped right out of my cheek…you couldn’t see it because the mask was on.


What Stephen Wants You To Love

Ohana Poke Co.

Or just Poke In General