23. Joshua Lassman – Triple H vs Cactus Jack: Street Fight from the WWF 2000 Royal Rumble


In the third installment of “3 Matches of Foley”, guest Joshua Lassman (Del Closed Fist, Man vs. Improv, The Hopefully Chris Pratt and Shane Hartline Show) not only brings in Triple H & Cactus Jack’s Street Fight from the 2000 Royal Rumble (which he attended) but some Broken Skull IPA beer to boot! Also, Stephen analyzes the bounce of barbed wire, the Spanish announce table and more. Plus, Nick talks about the XXL t-shirt he got from his dad’s band’s road crew guys Nut and Blade, and Joey cuts an impassioned Mick Foley promo that he did back in high school drama class. Then, Stephen tries to get everyone to love Packing Cubes and the boys lay out the details for the upcoming LIVE version of You Should Love Wrestling! #FancyMan
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The Scent of Cedars” by Philipp Weigl is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Our Guest: Joshua Lassman

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