Zora Bikangaga & Well-Mannered Wines!


This week Shaughn and Ellen welcome Zora Bikangaga (Drunk History, improv, This American Life) to whine about lack of manners particularly in respect to elevators and hosting.

The “Grape of Thrones” is Zinfandel: the group hug of wine! Learn the roots of this American variety. It’s not a pink drink!
To counteract Zora’s mannerly whines, Ellen and Shaughn sourced a wine from England, where proper decorum is very important! They pop a 2013 Wiston Estate Cuvee, a sparkling wine from South Downs.
Zora and Shaughn get into their shared northern California roots, then dive into the whine. Hot tip: wait for people to get off the elevator before barreling in, and if you are hosting people in your home, offer them something to drink! Zora also has some thoughts on how to have a good party.
They also discuss how global warming is warming up England enough to grow wine grapes, particularly with its soil which is similar to Champagne’s limestone.
The lightning round covers what the Queen drinks, English latitude lines, what grape England grows most and which way the Sussex slopes face.


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