Phil Augusta Jackson & Sex in the City Wines!


Phil Augusta Jackson (Key & Peele, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) joins Shaughn and Ellen to whine about people hating on the HBO series “Sex in the City”, especially when they haven’t checked it out! The whine is paired with Sanger Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc “Terroir Natal” Champagne from sponsorGregory Condes Wines.

Ellen’s hip sip tip is Canadian! She drank Poplar Grove “The Legacy” Bordeaux blend from Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

Shaughn’s hip sip tip was a white wine from pinot noir: Weingut Hexamer 2016 Spätburgunder Weissherst from the Nahe, Germany.

In between whining and learning about the Champagne, everyone shares their middle name, as well as whether they are a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha. Then they get into Team Big v Team Aidan and the disappointment that came with the tv show moving to the big screen.

They also discuss hangover origins, salty v sweet, where to grab a soft pretzel in LA (Tabula Rasa, Franklin and Co.), why oh why true Champagne costs so much more than other bubblies and the validity of Pinotage.

The lightning round covers how many bubbles are in a glass of Champagne, how to make a Cosmo, and Champagne classifications.