Kelly Mcinerney & Following Through the Wine!


Kelly McInerney (IMDWeed, AfterBuzz, stand-up) joins Shaughn and Ellen to whine about people bailing on plans and lack of follow through in Los Angeles. They pair it with 2015 Isabelle and Bruno Perraud Petillant Naturel Gamay “Happy Bulles” they found at Vinovore.

Ellen’s hips sip tip is a 2012 Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Meunier from Oregon. Shaughn’s is a 1967 Zinfandel! It beats out Ellen’s 2008 Zin for age but the lesson is this: get some old zin!

They whine about how everyone is always trying to play catch-up with everyone and then…nobody catches up.

Shaughn and Ellen explain what a “pet nat” is–a wine bottled before it finishes fermenting. The wine with no follow through!

As always they end up discussing Miraval and Whispering Angel while playing what’s in the glass. This wine had hints of blueberry and Yankee Candle.

The conversation veers into weed talk–how to indulge (disposable vapes), who’s ordering it on the go (Kelly delivers it!), and all agree smoking cigarettes is really no good. They all make plans to smoke weed and head to the movies for Kelly’s podcast.

The lightning round becomes a bizarre game of charades as it covers other terms for petillant naturel, if pet nats can be rosé, what the oldest kind of sparkling wine is, and what the name of their particular bottle’s closure is.

And then…the return of dead yeast cells!