Karl Hess & Luncheon Wines!


Why don’t we drink at lunch? That is the whine of
Karl Hess (Food Fact or Fiction on the Cooking Channel, Yelling About
Paté podcast, stand-up) who shows up to challenge Shaughn with his
sultry bass tones. Ellen moderates as best she can.

The grape of the week is Sangiovese! Do you enjoy a Tuscan red wine
like Chianti? Well–boom! You are probably enjoying Sangiovese.

There is a new mailbag assignment: Tell us the fanciest and/or
priciest wine you’ve sipped! Ellen has enjoyed Armand de Brignac rosé
and Shaughn has had a Henri Jayer Richebourg–what have you sipped?

Karl’s beef is with American’s lack of lunchtime drinks. Why can we
not have a nice, moderate glass of wine with lunch? That is the

Shaughn and Ellen pair that whine with a light lunchtime wine that
will compliment whatever chopped salad you are munching on: Domaine
Martin-Faudot Crémant du Jura Brut Rosé! Learn more about the grapes
of this obscure (but growing!) French wine region.

They discuss how wine in the USA needs to find a balance–people
either drink too much or not at all. Can we not just have a glass or
two at lunch and call it a day?

The food talk goes deep from “is Blue Apron worth it?” to Karl and
Ellen’s love for The Food Lab cookbook. Shoutout J. Kenji Lopez-Alt!
And let us all put an egg on it!

From there things go deep into the Los Angeles food scene. Where to
eat, where to drink? Where should you get natural wine? We have

The lightning round goes into bastard grapes, obscure French regions
and yellow wine!


No show notes.