Johnny Meeks & The Search for Lost Wines!


Shaughn and Ellen welcome Johnny Meeks (Upright Citizens Brigade, Mouth Feelings, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) to the show to hear his whines about looking for things he lost.

First though they tackle their Grape of the Week/Grapes of Thrones: Viognier.

Johnny reveals that he goes nuts when things are not where they are supposed to be. He tends to be staring right at things that he thinks are missing, so Shaughn and Ellen pair his whine with a wine found where you wouldn’t expect it to be: in a can! They are drinking The White Queen, a canned Chardonnay from Sonoma.

They get into some technical wine terms like “malo” and “tannins”. Turns out Johnny likes a white wine! He also likes a good rye whiskey.

Johnny tells some riveting tales of double-stick tape that remains at large. Shaughn, Ellen and Johnny decide to consult the Universe, which never answers, sadly.

They discuss their frequently misplaced items. Ellen can’t hold on to tiny measuring cups. Johnny loses scissors. Shaughn loses his wine key.

The most important take-home lesson from the episode is that when in doubt, just say “It’s Miller Time”.

The lightning round covers average time spent searching for things, residual sugars, the St. Louis Arch deaths and where Carneros is located.


No show notes.