Joel Spence & Invasive Wines!


Joel Spence (Big Little Lies, Mouth Feelings podcast) joins Shaughn and Ellen to whine about customer service reps getting to personal!

Before getting into the whine they cover the Grape of Thrones/Grape of the Week: Melon de Bourgogne aka Muscadet!

Everyone has had the person working at the store ask them what they are doing that day or why they need quarters; Shaughn and Ellen have to concur with Joel–it’s annoying!

They pair the whine with a wine no one would dare question, aka a celebrity wine: Chateau Miraval! It’s a Provençal rosé from a chateau that was the summer home of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

All this leads to gossip about run-ins with Brad and Angelina, where no one dared to speak to them. More customer service gripes: inquiries into your work, laundry habits and spending habits. Also, are banks the new nightclub? Or is Gelsons?

The lightning round covers facts about the Provençal appellations, garrigue,what is made in Cassis and what winds blow through France!



No show notes.