Cassi Jerkins & Working Women Wines!


Cassi Jerkins (Dumb Nerds, Jekyll’s Asshole, puppetry) joins Shaughn and Ellen to whine about women in the workplace.

Ellen’s Hip Sip Tip was a pinot noir rosé from Gothic Wine and Shaughn’s was a sparkling Vouvray from the Loire Valley.

Cassi’s whine is timely, as she bemoans the statistical proof of how few women there are in many industries. From there they get into how few women somms there are, Hillary’s new book, and get the hot goss on puppeteering–spoiler alert, Jim Henson made being really tall a standard that can really stand in a woman’s way. She also gives the lowdown on Socratica, the Youtube channel she works for.

The wine from sponsor Gregory Condes Wines is a rosé from a Corsican winery taken over by the wife and daughter of the founder. to prove that women can take over!

But most importantly, everyone learns the proper way to say “Michael Caine”.

The lightning round covers tartrates in wine, what country Corsica is part of, and female winemakers. Plus, Cassi turns the tables on Shaughn and Ellen on the final question!