Alyse Michele and Airline Wine!


Alyse Michele (I Love You and I Like You: A Parks and Rec PodcastOpen Houses The Series) joins Shaughn and Ellen for quite the smorgasbord of whines and wines!

The Hip Sip tip from Ellen was an Inteus Rioja Alavesa Tempranillo Blanco she found at DomaineLA. Shaughn had a Ridge Zinfandel from Dry Creek valley which inspired much wine envy.

Alyse’s whine was about airport and airline etiquette. Before getting into the whine-appropriate wine(s) Gregory Condes Wines supplied wine to toast to Alyse’s upcoming wedding: 2015 Château de Passavant Cremant de Loire.

The whine appropriate wine came from FlyWine, which makes premium wines appropriately sized to take on-board so you can drink like a baller in the air. We tried the “Layover” Russian River Valley Chardonnay and the “Wingman” Napa Red. Spoiler/pun alert: they pass the taste test with flying colors!

While getting thoroughly soaked in booze we got into the whine, with tales of coffee being kicked over by careless passengers and other air flight horrors. Travel pillows are discussed for those of us who just want to sleep through the terror.

Last but least we tried a non-alcoholic wine just to see, and Ellen has a LaCroix revelation.

The lightning round covered what grapes are allowed in Bordeaux blends, the meaning of “brut nature” and what to do with a low-quality red wine.