91- The Holiday Sloppy Jo-sh and Jake – Best Slabs of 2017 – Part II


It’s the New Year and we’ve got leftovers! But not any of the cold eggs no one wanted, we’ve got piping hot slabs of the best scenes from 2017. We couldn’t fit them all in, but we did our best with guests Zac Oyama, Jacob Wysocki, Devin Field, Erich Tamola, Allyn Pintal, Lamar Woods, Chuck Maa, Mikael Johnson, Eva Lewis, Peter Gwinn, Michael Brunlieb, Thomas Kelly, Dan Grimm, Tina Jackson, Nina Concepción, Kristen Studard, Seth Morris, Mary Sasson, Jessica Elaina Eason, Josh Brekus, Dave Theune, and Victoria Longwell! Thanks for a great year! Give us a shout out on social media and tell us who you’d like to hear from in 2018!


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