73 – Joan Haley Ford & Drew Spears in “Keggers & Crooks”


Joan Ford (Killing It, Nerdist) and Drew Spears (Tween Fest, Cardinal Redbird) for an episode filled with petty crimes and ponzi schemes. First, the whole crew discuss Jake and Josh’s train trip across the United States. They talk about encountering Trump supporters and Drew discusses a strange encounter he had with a Shaq fan. Then we get into the MEAT when Drew talks about a time he nearly got in a fight at a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity party and then stole their keg. Then Joan tells a famous story from her hometown of Bethlehem, NY about a boy that had it all, and then lost it all fast. These true stories inspire improvised scenes about a robbers who love their mommies, a trash talking party-goer named Dale, a bunch of introspective bros, a gossiping mother and more!


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