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Improv comedy based on meaty stories and topics with Josh Simpson, Jake Jabbour and special guests.

Seth Morris (Love, Veep) and Mary Sasson (Step 13, UCB’s Winslow) have both encountered some very shady people in their lives. Mary tells a story about the time a crazy neighbor stalked and harassed her into living in a motel for 6 months. Seth tells a tale about the time he might have met a jewel thief in Santa Cruz. Seth and Josh also relive a crazy trip they took to Washington DC together to (sort of?) attend the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner. These stories inspire improvised scenes about a man named Dale who loves his casserole, the Midwestern court of law, a snotty jewel thief and more! Listen to the episode, then check out Josh and Jake’s tour schedule in June to see them record the MEAT live in your city!

56 – Seth Morris & Mary Sasson in “Jewel Thieves & Kitty Killers”

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