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Improv comedy based on meaty stories and topics with Josh Simpson, Jake Jabbour and special guests.

The hosts of the I’m Too Effing High podcast, James Mastraieni and
Dhruv Uday Singh, join The MEAT for a very special crossover episode!
Dhruv tells a story about going to Jamaica and being offered every
sinful thing you can imagine. The James tells an incredible story
about fugitives, threesomes and life and death decisions. These
stories lead to improvised scenes about ding dongs that ding-a-ling,
coke dealers on floats, awkward “I love yous” and more! After you
listen to this, listen to Josh and Jake’s episode of I’m Too Effing
High out now!

52 – James Mastraieni & Dhruv Uday Singh in “Coke Floats & Fugitives”

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