35 – Haley Hepworth & Zeke Nicholson in “Hair Gobs & Bowling Snobs”


Zeke Nicholson (Take My Wife, Lopez, The Good Place) and Haley Hepworth (Character’s Welcome, Haley Hepworth is Missing) tell true stories about college makeouts gone wrong and wild nights working at a Hollywood bowling alley frequented by Ludacris, Adam Levine and Zach Braff. These true stories inspire improvised scenes about a woman with a labrador brain, a guy who gets off to basketball follies, Josh’s wonderful bathroom art and more! Also, this episode was recorded on Jake’s birthday and Josh totally forgot about it.


Zeke’s show “Take My Wife” on Seeso
Haley’s Show Characters Welcome @ UCB
Tickets to “We’re Gross w/ Gilli Nissim” w/ Jake
Tickets to Assembly Improv @ UCB w/ Josh
Tickets to Location! Location! Location! @ UCB – An improvised play w/ Josh & past guests