#28: The One with the Cast of Night Court (w/ Jamie Woodham)

This week we are joined by the ever entertaining Jamie Woodham (@jwoodham) to discuss “The One with the Cast of Night Court” (S3E3). We aren’t experts on the show “Night Court” (as will be very obvious) but Jamie’s expertise in all things “Friends” (shout out Best of Friends Podcast) was an asset with guest star Jennifer Aniston! Listen as we try to figure out what “Night Court” was about, decide what Kimmie should put on her gravestone, and maybe talk a little Harry Potter.
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Episode: Season 3 Episode 3, “The One with the Cast of Night Court”
Guest: Jamie Woodham


30 Rock Pizza Hut Commercial: https://youtu.be/ZqPPbJ3chj4
Night Court w/ Wile E. Coyote: https://youtu.be/Zh1pZqmxvmM