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Listen to Kimmie and Kelsey as they talk about their love for 30 ROCK with bits of laughter and maybe just a tiny bit of night cheese.

This week we’re joined again by Jenny Chalikian (@jennychalikian) as we talk about “Subway Hero” (S2E12), which means that Kimmie and Kelsey are thrilled to have an excuse to talk about Dennis again! We also talk about the types of shows we want to see representing the LGBTQ community, old-school shows get a shout out (looking at you Mary Tyler Moore Show, Diagnosis Murder, and The Carol Burnett Show), and how we wish there were more conservative comedians with just a slightly better sense of humor.

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Episode: Season 2 Episode 12, “Subway Hero”
Guest: Jenny Chalikian

#21: Subway Hero (w/ Jenny Chalikian)
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