6. Joan Ford and The Case of the Missing Chicken


WHERE. IS. SKEETER!? After watching five episodes, Matt Manser and Eileen Mary O’Connell STILL have no idea where Scooter’s twin sister Skeeter is, and why she’s never seen as an adult in any of the other Muppet movies or TV shows. And thus the journey continues!

This week, Matt and Eileen are joined by Joan Ford, author of “Killing It” and writer for Nerdist.com. But could the “It” that’s been killed be Skeeter!? The three of them watched episode 6 of ‘Muppet Babies’ titled “The Case of the Missing Chicken.” Along the way they discussed Muppet reproduction, the logistics of Gonzo’s nose, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, where Skeeter could be.


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