2. Dani Fernandez and Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dark?


SKEETER IS STILL MISSING! After watching episode 1 of ‘Muppet Babies,” Eileen and Matt still don’t know why Skeeter is seen as a baby on the show, but never as an adult with the rest of the Muppet gang. What happened to her? Hosts Matt Manser and Eileen Mary O’Connell want answers, so they have vowed to watch each and every episode of Muppet Babies in order, and look for clues as to what could’ve led to her disappearance.

This week, we’re helped out by comedian/writer Dani Fernandez. You may know her from the Krillin It podcast, but she’s assisting the Skeeter-ial podcast as we watch the second episode of ‘Muppet Babies,’ “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Dark?” During our show, Eileen, Matt, and Dani discuss how we wish Blue from Blue’s Clues would provide assistance, Gonzo’s love of taxidermy, and a possible suspect in the case: The Unabomber. Will this be the episode where we find out what happened to Skeeter? Listen and find out!


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