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About The Show

Scientifically speaking the funniest podcast on the internet [citation needed]. On every episode of The Science Jerks, co-hosts Ciaccio and Chan bring in a guest comedian to help them take a deep look at the cutting-edge world of science and technology. They analyze current science news with barely-researched, gleeful abandon, often diving recklessly off the philosophical deep end, but more often than not devolving into tangents about sci-fi, film, politics, comics, culture and music.

Recorded at The Pack Theater in Hollywood in front of a live audience, it’s our 200th Episode Spectacular! We took a look back over the first 199 episodes with some of our favorite past guests, culminating in the ultimate Quiz Showdown!

In this episode we talk to Jacob Harper (@JacobRayHarper), from episodes 7 and 8, about mannequins spying on us.

Joey Clift (You Should Love Wrestling Podcast, @yslw), from episodes 58 and 59, about birds with stressed out gonads.

Keith Saltojanes (@KeithSaltojanes), from episodes 111 and 112, about using stem cells to live forever.

JPL Scientist Josh Willis (@ClimateElvis), from episodes 118 and 119, about the Philae lander and Rosetta comet orbiter.

Nuclear Physicist Kevin Peter Hickerson (@KPHickerson), from episodes 135, 136, 168 and 170, about mysterious gas plumes on Mars.

And Markeia McCarty (@MarkeiaMccarty) from episode 175 about centaurs, asteroids and holiday science.

Plus Jesse’s Fact Corner with Jesse Klein (@JessKlein1) and Quiz Maestro Sara Clarke (@sara_clarke) dishes out a quiz for the ultimate prize of Science Jerks Champion!

200: Live at The Pack Theater in Hollywood!
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