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Scientifically speaking the funniest podcast on the internet [citation needed]. On every episode of The Science Jerks, co-hosts Ciaccio and Chan bring in a guest comedian to help them take a deep look at the cutting-edge world of science and technology. They analyze current science news with barely-researched, gleeful abandon, often diving recklessly off the philosophical deep end, but more often than not devolving into tangents about sci-fi, film, politics, comics, culture and music.

Asterios Kokkinos is still here and we were having so much fun riffing on the quiz that we decided to just make it Episode 199. It’s all quiz! We talk about Saturn’s Rings, what hip bones are connected to, and the offspring of Lions and Tigers! Plus we pitch a New Girl spec script! Join us next week for the 200th Episode, recorded live at The Pack Theater in Hollywood!

Follow Asterios on Twitter @asterios and buy his hilarious book, “Toys ‘4’ Cheap” at Devastator Press http://devastatorpress.com/toys4cheap or search for it on Amazon!

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199: Asterios Kokkinos and Just The Quiz!
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