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About the Show!

Every Friday, millennial comedians Ryan Goldsher, F. Clint DeNisco, and friends spend each episode shooting the breeze about a nostalgic piece of work. A retro movie, album, television show, etc. Honestly, it’s just a way for us to unabashedly rave about vintage things we love — that usually makes us weirdos in social settings.


Clint and Ryan schmooze about movie that falls the exact year cutoff for what we call retro… 1997… in man who put glad in gladiator. Hercules is both our favorite movies and we can’t gush about it more. Listen as Ryan gives his favorite moments and scenes, Clint lists his top 5 favorite songs, and both agree on Hades being the best character in the film by far. There’s also some weird theories about 2D animation and hard Meg opinions.

Ep. 8: Disney’s “Hercules”

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