About the Show!

Every Friday, millennial comedians Ryan Goldsher, F. Clint DeNisco, and friends spend each episode shooting the breeze about a nostalgic piece of work. A retro movie, album, television show, etc. Honestly, it’s just a way for us to unabashedly rave about vintage things we love — that usually makes us weirdos in social settings.


Clint and Ryan schmooze about the very first rock and roll star. NO not Amadeus! We did that last week! Instead, he’s the possibly overly talked about, but never overly respected Elvis the Pelvis. Ryan begins with his die hard obsession that led to begging his parents to drive to Graceland, as well as the connection Clint and Ryan have falling in love with the music from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. We go over our top 5 songs and Ryan has an INTERESTING theory about the Elvis army days.

Ep. 7: Elvis Presley

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