About the Show!

Every Friday, millennial comedians Ryan Goldsher, F. Clint DeNisco, and friends spend each episode shooting the breeze about a nostalgic piece of work. A retro movie, album, television show, etc. Honestly, it’s just a way for us to unabashedly rave about vintage things we love — that usually makes us weirdos in social settings.


In the second episode, Ryan and Clint talk broadly about the mysterious and possibly misunderstood Hollywood actor — Warren Beatty.

Knowing that most millennials are ignorant of his stature, this podcast covers how a 20 year old Ryan came across Warren Beatty through a daunting academy best picture nominee challenge (1:00), we introduce a new segment called “What the Fact?” involving a weird connection between Beatty and Bob Dylan (5:53), we defend why the 2017 Best Picture fiasco wasn’t his fault (14:47), and being able to separate artist from art (20:30).

Ep. 2: Warren Beatty
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