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About On Comedy Writing

On Comedy Writing is the podcast about the business and craft of writing jokes. Each episode features host Alan Johnson interviewing working comedy writers about their career and how they made it in the industry. Previous guests have been writers from Comedy Bang! Bang!, ClickHole, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and many more shows.

Tamara Federici (The Daily Show, Important Things with Demetri Martin) joins Alan to talk about doing improv in Chicago with Del Close, faxing jokes to SNL, and working on Chappelle’s Show.

Videos We Talk About:
The Daily Show “I on News” – http://www.cc.com/video-clips/xlgfwp/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-i-on-news—24-hours
Important Things with Demetri Martin “Parking Fight” – http://www.cc.com/video-clips/okbp5l/important-things-with-demetri-martin-parking-fight

#10 – Tamara Federici
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