Tara Copleand Talks S2E1 “Pawnee Zoo”


Tara Copeland finally says everything you want to be said about Season 2 of Parks and Recreation. Tara comes in with some cool wedding tips for the ladies, that pun is very much intended, you’ll get it when you listen. And, Tara’s of the opinion that once the writers learned to write what Amy is good it, that’s when the show starts getting good. We try to figure out if Flipper the dolphin fought crime (he did), gab about Chris Pratt turning it around, and we debut a brand new game, “Yo Jean Ralphio Raps.” Plus, Stephen figures out he’s reached his maximum potential, Tara plays Traeger Warning and exclaims she may have queefed it, and Alyse helps come up with some zoo promotions.


Season 2, Episode 1 – Pawnee Zoo  Written by Norm Hiscock, directed by Paul Feig original air date: September 17, 2009

Pawnee Murals – Illustrator Vicky Ryan’s Parks and Rec cast as Superheroes.