Ross Buran talks “The House” (2017) – Bonus 1


It’s a special BONUS EPISODE of I Love You and I Like You Covering the 2017 Feature Film “The House” starring Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell, and Jason Mantzoukas. We decided we love Amy Poehler SO MUCH, it was necessary for us to cover the release of this film. And, to help us do it, we brought on the Emmy Nominated Ross Buran (Gay of Thrones, Throwing Shade). We cover what we think of the movie beat by beat, from the early and tasteless rape joke, to the middle where we get funny nicknames for all the characters, right up to the heartwarming ending. Needless to say, there are spoilers. And, Stephen drops some knowledge on what a MacGuffin is, Ross gives some insight into the financing of a Tahoe trip, and Alyse confesses to hit Stephen multiple times with a golf club. Plus, we get some fun nicknames of our own. Listen and tell us what you think your nickname would be!


Guest: Ross Buran

What we Watched: The House