Billy Merritt talks S1E6 “The Rock Show” (SEASON 1 FINALE!!)


Billy Merritt (Parks and Recreation, Steven Universe, GTA5) rocks out talking all about parks and recreation. We cover our thoughts on the grand finale that ends with Andy on the outs, and Mark down in the pit. And, we debut a new game, TRAEGER WARNING! Plus, Stephen seductively invites Billy to play video games, Alyse admits to realizing she was on a date when she didn’t think she was, and Billy comes in hard with the endorsement of Dudamel and going to the LA Phil. Sadly, Stephen made a recording error towards the end, and we try to recreate the magic of conversation.


Today’s Pawnee Mural is called “Raining Breakfast” by Fantasy System

Season 1, Episode 6Rock Show  Written by Norm Hiscock, directed by Mike Schur original Air Date May 14, 2009